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SGA Advisors


Susan Sanabria


John Mathis




President: Infinity Brown                                              

Vice President: Kyzirah Townes

Secretary: Azmir Belton 

Treasurer: Tiffany Reid

Student Government

Mayor's Student Ambassadors

Acting Paterson Mayor Warren returned to 90 Delaware on Thursday with a brigade of various city directors, first responders and program coordinators. The visit was part of her ongoing Student Ambassadors Program. This, the third in the series of meetings, brought the city authorities together with district and charter high school students. Once again, the round-table style discussion was led by Executive Director of Information Services, Ms. Terry Corallo, who together with Mayor Warren, charged the high school students with initiating school-based programs that will address various quality-of-life issues. All were encouraged to partner with, and seek the guidance of the various city officials and their teams. When the group reconvenes in May, they will report out on their successes and struggles. If their enthusiasm on Thursday is any indication, it should prove to be a fruitful meeting!

Eastside High School SGA Sends Toys to Puerto Rico

When the 9 year old Jayden Rosado told his mother Anna Rosado, he wanted to donate all of his Christmas presents to the children of Puerto Rico, he had no idea that his message would resonate in the hearts of the students at Eastside High School.   The Eastside High School Student Government Organizations together with the Interact Clubs hosted a toy drive during the month of December to donate towards his efforts.   Jayden Rosado and his family came to the EHS campus on December 15th to pick up over 100 toys collected to send to Puerto Rico.  Anna Rosado, an Eastside High School alumnus, was touched by the generosity of the staff and students and made a promise that every toy collected would be delivered to the churches and orphanages of Puerto Rico.  She explained, “ I am overwhelmed by the response we have received, thanks to Jayden, over 3,000 children in the most affected areas of Puerto Rico will get toys for Christmas.”  

Student Government Elections

For this 2017-18 school year, I decided to take part of the SGA: Student Government Association. Every year, the SGA holds elections, both for the mainstream election and a school wide one; I was a candidate for the President office at Culinary Arts Hospitality and Tourism (CAHTS), at Eastside High School. The SGA consisted of a President, Vice President, and Secretary. In order to officially be part of the SGA, your votes need to be higher than your running mates. These votes came from your school, from your peers, and you had control of getting those necessary votes to win.


On Election Day, each candidate had a booth where students are able to vote and have discussions with those voters. In order to receive votes, we were to retrieve students from their classes to come to our booth and vote. When they came, the members introduced themselves and told them to vote, IF they choose to. The teacher in charge of the SGA, Mr. Mathis directed us to talk to as many people as we possibly can the day before the election, being that it will help us increase our votes. Election Day itself helped me with social skills and how to work under pressure. My booth got chaotic at certain times, and it was hard for me to cope with all the activity since so many people were talking at once. I also had students whom I didn’t know, come and “advertise” me, as well as security guards and teachers. Teachers were even letting their students leave class for a few minutes to come and vote. Overall, it was an eye opening experience since I did have the backing of people I did not even know and it made me see my full potential.


All Rise- Court is in session at CAHTS

On Friday, February 16th 2018, the SGA organization of the Culinary Arts Hospitality and Tourism School at the Eastside campus hosted a career session with the Passaic Country Judiciary. NJ Judiciary manager Sonya Noises held the attention of approximately 200 students throughout the day as she presented different career options within the NJ Judiciary.  She informed student about the interview process and the requirements for specific government jobs that students can apply for as early as the age of 18 years old. She stressed the importance of a quality education and staying on the right track in life.   Many students inquired about internships and summer job opportunities.